Friday, August 8, 2003

Sherazard (War of Genesis 3) @ Otakon 2003

photo credit: unknown

Sherazard's dress was very simple and only the neck scarf thing gave me some trouble. The hand guards were simple foamies. Best thing about the costume was that I could wear sneakers and no one would know! So comfortable...

The dress was made from a heavy short pile velvet though. While not the best fabric choice, I think it worked out ok.

This was the Otakon Neoqueenhoneybee and I dedicated to HTK. And with her cousin, Don Raphael, and our friend, Soni, we were the representing members of the OUIWoGMCCG (Official Unofficial International War of Genesis and Magna Carta Cosplay Group) at Otakon. Neoqueenhoneybee was WoG3P2 Joan, Don Raphael was WoG3P2 Saladin, and Soni wore Neo's Beramode costume.