Saturday, August 9, 2003

Felicia (Magna Carta: Phantom of Avalanche) @ Otakon 2003

photo credit: Neoqueenhoneybee

Oh, Lord. Can we just not talk about this costume? It was very rushed. And... and... crushed velvet. .__.|||
Also my first wig. Complete with hot-glue ahoge.

My lack of skill is showing but I've learned a lot of 'Do Not's making this costume!

The only thing I was proud of in this costume is the painted obi tail. Because I'm not that good at painting but that design came out pretty nicely!

This was the Otakon Neoqueenhoneybee and I dedicated to HTK. And with her cousin, Don Raphael, and our friend, Soni, we were the representing members of the OUIWoGMCCG (Official Unofficial International War of Genesis and Magna Carta Cosplay Group) at Otakon.