Saturday, July 6, 2002

Carlos van Tairun (War of Genesis 3: Part 2) @ Anime Expo 2002

photo credit: unknown

So. Neoqueenhoneybee and I discovered Korean artist Hyung Tae Kim and War of Genesis 3. Even though we weren't very skilled, we wanted to promote his awesome arts!

Making Carlos was... interesting. I had picked up a shiny rubberized? pleather-backed? denim at a fabric warehouse and I took up inspiration from the gold leaf in leather bound books and ironed-on gold leaf onto the non-denim side of the fabric. Since it was plastic, it melted just a bit enough to stick to the gold leaf! And amazingly, the gold leaf I bought also stuck to printer ink! So the dragon was an inaccurate dragon grabbed off the internet and printed on paper. I then ironed on foil to the paper which stuck only to the ink, then ironed on the paper to fabric which was stickier than the ink. Presto! Gold leaf transfer.

The waist cape and sword sheaths were pretty fail though. I remember struggling a lot with metal coat hangers...

And we didn't exactly discover wigs yet. ^^;;