Saturday, August 20, 2005

Azel (Magna Carta: Crimson Stigmata/Tears of Blood) @ Otakon 2005

photo credit:  unknown

Again, a lot of details are missing but I did learn a LOT from making Azel!

The top was remade at least 3 times before I liked the shape of it and I was sharpie-ing the design on it while waiting in line for the badge so it's another last minute costume.

The orange parts are quilted with just a little bit of paint to help show off the seamlines.

I actually really loved the fabric for the pants and armwarmers! Unfortunately, I resorted to using some sort of  puff paint because it was the only one that was opaque and had stretching abilities. I shouldn't have worried about the stretching.

I learned about props! I experimented with paper clay and dowels (neckpiece) and balsa wood (sword).

Overall, Azel was a lot of fun to wear! Bonus pic! Remember when it was all the rage to photoshop your cosplay with the source? Haha...

The OUIWoGMCCG started to fizzle out a little. Only Soni joined me in MC cosplay this year. She was a very pretty Rith. ♥