Sunday, February 20, 2011

Commander Sheperd - Alison Gunn vers. (Mass Effect 2) @ Katsucon 2011

photo credit: Spooky Electric

I love Mass Effect. Like LOVE. Seriously LOVE. I've been planning on making Kasumi Goto for a long while but I needed a ME costume NOW. F!Shep's dress is pretty do-able. I won't say easy because weird seams! Like weird! (Particularly, the back/underarm seam.)

I cut my hair so I used a wig for Fanime. Personally, I really like that hair shape. Think I might have my actual hair cut similar like that. I was so happy to see the Garrus but I was so shy I didn't have the courage to stay and chat. /fail

Reworn for Fanime 2011
photo credit: Garrus' friend with my camera, Stormfalcon