Saturday, November 21, 2009

Kirin Armor (Monster Hunter) @ Anime USA 2009

Photo credit: ACP, Anna Fischer

Monster Hunter is LOVE.
Kirin armor is CUTE.

I liked playing with the different fabrics and textures on this costume. The silver bits are snakeskin print leather. Orange is upholstery velvet. Blue is snakeskin print spandex. And fur~! I love fur. I used a minky fur for most of mine because I already had some in my stash. :)

I hurriedly made a pseudo greatsword fully intending on fixing it to be accurate but never got around to it. ^^;; I don't really use great swords though so I think I'll make the sword and shield set that I actually have in game.

Reworn @ Katsucon 2010
photo credit: Spooky Electric

Reworn @ Otakon 2010
photo credit: EBK