Saturday, August 9, 2008

Marzana (War of Genesis 3) @ Otakon 2008

photo credit: Spooky Electric

Neoqueenhoneybee and I got back into WoG3!

Oh, man. Marzana shows more chest than I have ever shown before so I was all wrapped up in my cape for most of the time I wore this.

And wig fail! I couldn't keep the wig on my head when I attached the giant gravity defying ponytail so I had to go without.

Costume-wise, I was very happy with it! The pleather, though, does need some sort of lining...

I tried out the competition. I knew I wouldn't win with an unfinished costume but the experience was eye-opening! Definitely interesting but I was so cold during the masq. Eh heh heh...

I do plan on remaking Marzana for a desert shoot sometime in 2012. Looking forward to it, in fact!